Date of auction of commercial plots in E-Block of Phase-II which was to be held on 27.04.2024 has now been extended due to unavoidable reasons. Auction will now be held on 29.06.2024 at 11:00A.M in Phase-II. Interested peoples can get themselves registered upto 27.04.2024.    LAST DATE FOR PAYMENT OF DEVELOPMENT CHARGES WITH FINE OF 10% EXTENDED UPTO 02.05.2023.     MC has taken charge and work has begun on war footing. From coming week, Members who have submitted Share money by 30 June 2022 can collect Share Certificate in-person from Society office, by showing CNIC and proof of membership. New MC had promised this in their election campaign, and have started fulfilling these commitments within the first week of taking charge. May Allah bless you all.                              


07 Nov




Dear Members

Management Committee delighted to share with you the latest updates on development works of both Phase-1 & 2.


1)The Management has awarded contract of roads repair and work order has also been issued to the contractor.

To supervise the Engineering department & roads repair work a committee has been constituted by the management. Hopefully the job of all repairable roads be completed within couple of weeks subject to weather condition.

2) To keep the environment clean & green, we have  been undertaking tree plantation wherever it is needed and colorful seasonal flowers have also been added to beautify the society.

3) New CCTV Wi-Fi Security and surveillance cameras have been installed at the main gate and society office. Very soon all Society gates will be monitored by installing more security cameras.

4) For the facilitation of residents and their guests, new sign boards showing directions of all blocks and commercial area, masjids and central park, streets and house numbers are fixed in the society. These boards are fixed with the courtesy of M/S AD-NET Group of Companies Lahore and M/S BERGER PAINTS Pakistan.



1) A Block: Clearing / grubbing, Earth work 50% & Over head water reservoir 95% completed. Sub base, Water bound 50% & Rainwater drain 100% completed. Water supply and Sewerage systems 40-50% completed.

2) B Block: Clearing/grubbing 100%, Earth work 95%, Water supply and Sewerage systems 75-100% whereas Sub base & Water bound 100%completed.

3) C Block: Clearing/grubbing, Earth work 100%, Sewerage system 100% and Water supply 55% completed. Sub base & Water bound 100% completed.

4) D Block: Clearing/grubbing, Earth work 100 % , Sewerage System 90% & Water supply 80% completed. Sub base & Water bound 100% completed.

5) E Block: Clearing/grubbing 100%, Earth work 90 %, Sewerage system 80% & Water supply 75% completed. Sub base & Water bound 100% completed

6) G Block: Clearing/grubbing 100%,Earth work 90%, Sub base 90% & Water bound 90% completed. Overhead water reservoir 75%, Rain water drain 100% and Sewerage system 80% completed.

7) H Block: Clearing/grubbing 100%, Earth work, Sewerage System 90%and Water supply 55% completed. Sub base and Water bound 85%,Rainwater drain 100% and Overhead reservoir 90% completed.

*Development work of remaining 5 blocks will soon be resumed In Sha ALLAH after getting relief from a pending stay order.

*It is also blissfully informed by the management that construction of Masjid in Phase-2 has been approved. It’s design shall be prepared by qualified architect who will be appointed after fulfilling all required procedural formalities. The management intends to build a beautifully designed an excellent Masjid according to the wishes of the members.

*The installation of street lights on Main Boulevard of Phase 2 has also been approved and after fulfilling necessary formalities (tenders and other procedures) these lights shall be installed.

*Regarding Electrification work it will go ahead after getting relief from a pending stay order.

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