Date of auction of commercial plots in E-Block of Phase-II which was to be held on 27.04.2024 has now been extended due to unavoidable reasons. Auction will now be held on 29.06.2024 at 11:00A.M in Phase-II. Interested peoples can get themselves registered upto 27.04.2024.    LAST DATE FOR PAYMENT OF DEVELOPMENT CHARGES WITH FINE OF 10% EXTENDED UPTO 02.05.2023.     MC has taken charge and work has begun on war footing. From coming week, Members who have submitted Share money by 30 June 2022 can collect Share Certificate in-person from Society office, by showing CNIC and proof of membership. New MC had promised this in their election campaign, and have started fulfilling these commitments within the first week of taking charge. May Allah bless you all.                              

Payment Schedule

NFC-ECHSL Phase-II Payment Schedule

Description Due Date
Of Payment
1-Kanal 10-Marla 5-Marla
M/Ship Fee --- 500 500 500
Booking Fee --- 30000 20000 10000
Sub Total --- 30500 20500 10500
Land Money (Tentative)        
1st Inst. 31/03/03 50000 25000 12500
2nd Inst. 30/06/03 50000 25000 12500
3rd Inst. 30/09/03 50000 25000 12500
4th Inst. 31/12/03 50000 25000 12500
5th Inst. 31/03/04 50000 25000 12500
6th Inst. 30/06/04 50000 25000 12500
7th Inst. 30/09/04 50000 25000 12500
8th Inst. 31/12/04 50000 25000 12500
9th Inst. 31/03/05 50000 25000 12500
10th Inst. 30/06/05 50000 25000 12500
11th Inst. 30/09/05 50000 25000 12500
Sub Total   550000 275000 137500
G. Total   580500 295500 148000

NFC-ECHSL Phase-II SECTOR II Payment Schedule


This has reference to our Notice dated 18-1-2005 , on the subject.
As outlined in the stated notice, the Managing Committee of the NFC-ECHS met on April 02, 2005 to review and assess the feasibility of the proposed Sector-II of the NFC Phase-II. The evaluatory exercise is still under progress and a final determination to this effect is planned to be made in its next meeting.

Meanwhile, the management has sympathetically considered the request of number of employees who have been left out of the proposed scheme and has therefore, decided to extend the final cut-out date for receiving the applications till 20 th April, 2005 to entertain these left over cases. However April 20, 2005 is the final cut-out date beyond which no application shall be received or entertained under any circumstances. The tentative land cost (without development charges) and other charges are indicated below for perusal of the applicants:




Form Fee

M/ship Fee

Land Cost(Tentative)




01- Kanal




10 -Marla




05 -MArla




It is brought to your notice that the present feasibility of the proposed scheme allows a few plots of one Kanal size only. You are, therefore, requested to disseminate the final cut-out date as well as the size of plots available in the scheme to employees under your command and process applications strictly following the criteria given below:

  • Applications to be entertained shall be of 1-Kanal plots only. There are no plots in category 10-Marla & 5-Marla available.
  • Only employees who have not so far applied for any plot in sector-II NFC-ECHS, Phase-II shall be eligible for submitting application, under the extended date.
  • The applicants to be clearly informed that sending booking charges (refer Notice dated 18-1-2005 above for details) is in no away an indication that the NFC-ECHS management has accepted an applicant as member of the scheme or that he/she is entitled to any allocation of plot. Thus this is purely a feasibility exercise without any equity in the proposed sector scheme.
  • The acceptance of the application shall be subject to the approval of the Managing Committee of the NFC-ECHS and may require verification.
  • The demand drafts/P.O. shall however be returned to the applicants who fail to meet the criteria above mentioned or in case the scheme is considered not feasible.

Please disseminate the above information and forward the one Kanal applications only of such employees who meet criteria outlined above strictly on or before 20 th April, 2005 for necessary consideration.

(Ghulam Sarwar)
General Secretary


  1. General Manager (P&A), NFC Head Office, Lahore
  2. M.D., NFML, Lahore
  3. M.D., PFL, Multan
  4. M.D., PAFL, Daudkhel
  5. M.D., HPFL, Haripur
  6. M.D., LC&FL, Jaranwala
  7. Director, NFC-IET, Multan
  8. Director, NFC-IEFR, Faisalabad
  9. NFC RR Office Islamabad
  10. Director (F&A), Ghee Corporation of Pakistan
  11. PFL, Lahore Office
  12. PAFL, Lahore Office
  13. SAFTEC, Karachi
  14. PTC, Karachi


  1-Kanal 10-Marla 5-Marla
Total Cost of Land 1,800,000 1,000,000 500,000


  Due Date
Of Payment
1-Kanal 10-Marla 5-Marla

Down Payment (includes Rs.1000/- as Form Fee & Rs.1000/- as Membership Fee )

31-5-2005 714,500 382,000 192,000
1st Inst. 31-7-2005 199,500 114,000 57,000
2nd Inst. 30-9-2005 199,500 114,000 57,000
3rd Inst. 30-11-2005 199,500 114,000 57,000
4th Inst. 31-1-2006 199,500 114,000 57,000
5th Inst. 31-3-2006 99,500 64,000 32,000
Booking charges already paid are adjusted in the Final Instalment   100,000 50,000 25,000
  1,712,000 952,000 477,000

Lump-sum Payment with 10% discount

  Due Date
Of Payment
1-Kanal 10-Marla 5-Marla

Full Down Payment (includes Rs.1000/- as Form Fee and Rs.1000/- as Membership Fee)

31-5-2005 1,522,000 852,000 427,000

Booking charges already paid are adjusted.

  100,000 50,000 25,000
  Total 1622,000 902,000 452,000


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